Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Oh no, Henri's blogging!

I knew we couldn't stop him.  He was getting too impatient.  I can't blame him; we're all getting impatient for the book to come out.  I wanted to post an update on that but before I do, I want to tell you what Henri has gone and done.  Of course, he had ME to thank after he possessed my fingers and made him a blog.  Then...he didn't stop there.  He told me what to write like I have a million minutes in the day.  Not. 

So anyway, I want to stay on his good side so I'd like to introduce you to Henri's blog.  Oh, Henri is one of the characters in Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost but not only that, he's a real ghost.  Don't think so?  Don't tell him that or you'll find him sitting beside you one night eating popcorn and raiding your fridge for Coors Lites. 

Here's his blog:

There, Henri, are you satisfied now?

Back to updates with the book.  I know everyone is wondering when it's coming out.  Or at least curious as to why there's a blog tour with no book.  I set up the blog tour when I thought it would be released only that's not the way it works in the literary world.  Don't count on anything happening on time even when you're self-published.  So Cheryl, my editor, is waiting for the final 3 chapters to come over to her.  The thing is, as I was revising, I came up with a better and cooler ending so....between my other work and this, it is taking longer than I planned. 

I want to thank all of our blog hosts who have graciously moved their "stops" up a month so that we can have the book up at Amazon first. 

I also want to thank all of you for your patience.  I am looking at the middle of November for it to be released but I'll be shouting it from the rooftops when it happens.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blog Tour Day 1 - Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost Visits Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews

Woohoo!  The blog tour starts today!

Today we're stopping off at Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews where Laurie asks Dorothy about some very interesting things about her book.  Be sure to stop by and enter the huge giveaway which includes a Kindle Fire HD!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

They like us, they really like us!

So we're day two into the cover reveal and I'd like to share what I think of doing a cover reveal before a tour.  I would have posted yesterday but I ended up in the ER with colitis.  Ych.  So I'm on meds and catching up on work so forth on a chicken stock diet, nothing like it.

I'm really really happy with the way things are going so far.  My intention was to pre-buzz this tour with a cover reveal since we're not at Amazon yet.  I think it would be better of course to be at Amazon but we can't change things so this is what I'm doing.  I'm keeping track of website hits.  So far we've increased hits to this blog at least 750%.  If I have my math right.  Never was good in math.  But that's what it's looking like so far.  Because I was in the ER not able to promote a thing, I can't imagine what kind of hits I'd be getting if I could have sent out my own promotions.

On the other hand, the bloggers who have hosted us have been over the top fantastic.  The comments on these blogs will blow you away.  They love the concept, the cover and are saying they want to buy the book.  Even if we don't sell a single copy, that is enough to make my day right there.

Let me give you an example.  Here's what was on My Book Addiction and More yesterday:

What an interesting concept! I'd love to read the book. 

What beautiful cover art and a very intriguing synopsis. Looking forward to the read, thanks for sharing. Definitely going to enter the giveaway for this treat ;)

I do believe in ghosts - there is just so much more out there than my puny mind can fathom - so why not ghosties :)  

Is that the coolest thing or what?  I'm still out there promoting but those readers are like gold. ;o)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost Cover Reveal Begins Monday!

I am so excited.  The Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost Cover Reveal begins this Monday!  This cover reveal precedes the humungous blog tour coming up starting in October.  We don't have a release date yet, but this is mainly to start spreading the word the book is coming.  I want to thank over 60 bloggers for hosting us!  Drumroll they are!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Putting the cart before the ghost...

I just had a silent chuckle (I wanted to laugh out loud but I'm too darn tired).  How many people start promoting a book like it's already published and the book is still in the editing stage?  I knew I was four nuggets short of a Happy Meal, but I'm racing around the clock trying to get this book ready for the cover reveal in September and the tour which starts the first week of October and I have faith everything will be ready to go when it's supposed to.  Call it positive thinking or definite signs I'm delusional just like I thought.

I wanted to post an update on where we are with this.  Everything is almost a go except the hardest part - editing and getting it up on Amazon.  I found a really neat website that puts up books for you on their website apparently free too - but I want to wait until you
can actually buy it.  And that's another thing.  The cover reveal might only have a link to this blog and not Amazon unless a miracle happens and the editing is finished in a couple of weeks and I can get it up at Amazon reeeeeeeeeeal quick.  I know someone who will format it for me and I'm thinking about doing just that because that's another headache I just don't want.  I will have to pay her but it's worth it.  I'll know more as I go along.  Between tours and working on this book, it's been crazy.  By 10 p.m. I'm a goner and here it is midnight now and I'm still at it so you can imagine what I look like right now - a zombie.

I'm just so excited about this.  As I'm going over edits, I'm reliving the book and omg I forgot how much fun that was to write.  I have more of a grasp of the characters this go around.  Where there were three of us writing this, some of the characters were taken over by the other two authors and I never really truly connected to them like I have done this go around.

There's Shiolah, of course.  This was the character I wrote.  Although I'm not really sure if she's my favorite character in the book (Henri wins hands down), I could really relate emotionally with her and I hope her part in the book is believable and likeable.  All of these women I'm about to mention including Shiolah are all spiritually challenged, right.  When Heide (one of the authors of the book) caught the words spiritually challenged, she wasn't all too sure she liked it because it sounded like they were misfits or something, but that's not how I interpret spiritually challenged. I see it like this.  The characters have these special abilities that are very spiritual but they just don't think they have the right stuff. And they figure this ghost hunt will put them on the map.  Shiolah knows she has talents but still doubts herself.

Then there's Ezra. I really like Ezra.  Heide wrote her character but Ezra is someone I'd want to hang out with.  And she has a resident ghost - Henri - who is a class act. He's lovable and quite a ladies man but he's fun and unpredictable. 

Ezra's friend, Brianna, who goes on this ghost hunt with them, doesn't believe in ghosts.  Gotta have a skeptic somewhere, right?  Brianna is full of herself - beautiful and she knows it - but her husband has died and she's searching for answers and takes them up on an offer to go ghost hunting just for something to do.

Then there's Brooke.  Heide wrote her character after the original author jumped ship on us and we had to rewrite her part and were very careful we didn't use any of this author's words so she didn't come back and sue us, lol.  Tricky.

Oh there's Peggy.  She's a Sunday School teacher and I believe Heide wrote her part, too.

Then there's Jerilynn, the grounded one and the one most psychic.  Pam wrote this character.

And Fenella makes the sixth woman to embark on this ghost hunt.  Fenella wasn't part of the original Spirit Seekers group.  She ended up catching a ride with them saying she had a golden ticket too.  But she is definitely a strange one.

Of course, there's Rodger Hawthorne III which is a looney tune because his wife died twenty years ago and he can't get over it.  Hence, the million dollar payoff will be coming from him if the girls succeed.  Once the girls arrive at the mansion, he's gone an awful lot which makes him very weird.

There's more but they're the main ones.  There's going to be sequels and the girls and I are tossing around ideas but nothing is sticking yet.  But I have  really fallen in love with these characters even though I'm a bit biased.  Especially Henri.  The ghostest with the mostest.  He's a mess.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

You know you're a ghost hunter when...

I saw this on a Facebook page a few minutes ago and just had to share.  Is that cute or what?  And so appropriate for this blog since the main characters are - GHOST HUNTERS.  The book's concept is a group of ordinary women embark on a ghost hunt for a million dollars but what many people might not realize is that the very idea behind this book came from a group of women who met online to discuss the paranormal of which all of us - myself, Pam and Heide - actually did.  We can't really call ourselves ghost hunters but we find the paranormal so interesting - just what if there was proof that ghosts did indeed exist?

Just think - what if you could bring back family members even for just a fleeting moment?  What if you could ask them things you never got a chance to while they were still alive?  What if they were your key to finding out things you could never find out because they were the only ones who knew? 

Some people might think this is morbid but I think they've been watching too many movies.  It's like aliens.  Most of us believe in aliens, right?  Of course the thought of actual seeing one gives you the heebie jeebies just thinking about it, but what if we could get over that fear and learn to make friends with them?  My goodness what we could learn from them, eh?

Same with ghosties.

Anyway, in the book (which I'll give you the update of the book in just a minute), this group of women not only are doing something they enjoy (ghost busting) but they are to be rewarded as well.  That's if they can prove without a doubt that ghosts exist. Are they able to do it?  You'll have to read the book to find out.  I'm such a tease, aren't I?

Back to the book's progress, it's still in the editing stage but we need to move faster.  The cover reveal will start the first week of September and it feels like it's right around the corner.  We have about 60 bloggers lined up for that.

The tour itself starts on October 1 and we'll be having lots of prizes and giveaways along the way.  So far, we've got over 50 bloggers lined up and by the time it's finished, we'll probably have well over 100.  If you're interested in being a host, all you have to do is have an updated blog, love books and be willing to review our book, interview either one of us, have us write a guest post for you or spotlight us and you're in!  Email Dorothy at thewriterslife(at) if you would like to participate - it's going to be fun!

Of course, there's the Facebook party with Release Day Diva on October 31 and maybe a radio show or two so we've got lots of fun plans ahead, but we better get busy and get this book out there!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pre-marketing Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost: Setting up the cover reveal

First of all, it's Father's Day today so Happy Father's Day to all you guys out there that fathered babies and stepped up to the plate to raise them!

The book's publishing plan and marketing campaign is moving along swiftly I'm so happy to report.  I've already thought ahead to how I want to market this and of course the first thing that popped into my head was doing a virtual book tour and not only that but making it one of the longest virtual book tours in history.  Sure it's going to be a lot of work but I think I can do it.

Why so long?  Here's my theory and it's really easy to figure out.  In our case, it'll be ebook at first and of course we're going to be solely promoting online.  The best strategy to use when your book is solely online is to promote online, right? When your book first comes out, actually way before your book comes out, you need to come up with a game plan.  Most authors who have never embarked on a virtual book tour are still out there finding bloggers willing to interview them or review their book, etc.  With a virtual book tour, it's all organized.  You take out a sheet of paper, a document, a notebook, whatever you want, and note which months you want your book promoted.  At this point, we're doing a month long cover reveal in September and beginning the blog tour the first week of October and running it until the end of March unless we decide to go further.  That's the perks of being a book promoter, a self-publisher (woot!) and access to over 500 bloggers.

On that same piece of paper, I put the name of the event at the top and the month.  I have separate pieces of paper for each month.  Then a line gets drawn down the left side and across the page for as many dates there are in the month.  Then, I start filling in.  I used to do this on a doc but I found it too cumbersome to keep having to pull the doc up so I bought some hard paper at Walmart (what they use for photos) and I'm set.  It's only about $5 a bundle and lasts forever (I use them for my clients as well).  I opt for hard paper because they are easier to handle.

So I have a game plan going for the cover reveal and the blog tour right in front of me.  When I find a new host (blogger), I add them in the slot we have both agreed on.

What I am finding great is a new program (or at least new for me) called SignUpGenius.  You can find out all about it at  I have already set up a call for bloggers for the cover reveal at  If you'd like to sign up, go right ahead we'd love to have you!  Not all bloggers are listed there as I started early finding stops for this which was before I found SignUpGenius.  You can see who I have lined up so far at

So I have that all in place and I just wait for bloggers to email me (having a huge email list is priceless).

The next thing I did was make a countdown widget at  I can't remember how much this costs but we opted for the premium plan.

Why I want this is so that I can enlist bloggers to post this in their sidebar.  It looks like this:

Cool, eh?

Here's the code if you'd like to post it in your sidebar to help us spread the word about the cover reveal coming up:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('c12f9645-816f-489d-9b93-ff24e831d120');</script>
<noscript>Get the <a href="">Countdown Creator Pro</a> widget and many other <a href="">great free widgets</a> at <a href="">Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href="">More info</a>)</noscript>

Bloggers have already starting adding it to their blogs (THANK YOU).  When I get an email from SignUpGenius that a new blogger has requested to join the cover reveal campaign, I email them back thanking them profusely and giving them the option to post this in their sidebar.

The next step is to get the word out about the cover reveal.  No one really knows what it'll take to bring awareness of your book and then have it sell, but the secret is to get your book noticed on as many blogs and websites as you can and don't forget the social networks.

I'll be talking about setting up the blog tour in a future post, but this gives you an idea of how we're going to promote this book and we'll see if it makes a difference in the long run.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Know your characters: a control freak's opinion on editors

I have to admit it and give credit where credit is due but I am in love with our editor.  Being a control freak, this is a complete turnaround to my opinion when I got edits back for the first time.  How dare she say what I wrote wasn't right?  That's the mind of a control freak of course and not the way you should handle someone's professional opinion of your work especially when you are paying them.  Okay, okay, I'm learning to lessen up the reins and take constructive criticism to heart for the sake of making our book the best it can be.  Sure, not everything I could agree on, but I would say 98% I did and I made those changes and it got easier as I went along.

Being a control freak has its advantages and disadvantages but sometimes the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.  You can't put on blinders.  Sure after countless re-readings and proofings and all that, you are sure this is the best it can be, then...a full page of edits on each page comes into your email box.


But I'm going over each line and I can see where the book is tightening up.  And I didn't realize how often I use exclamation points that were totally unnecessary.

But the one thing that I learned today is to really know your characters before you publish your book.  So today, my editor (her name is Cheryl Malandrinos look her up she is terrific) told me that I should add some kind of description to a flamboyant makeup artist named Renaldo that's in the first chapter. 

Rodger Hawthorne, one of the main characters in the book, is in his dressing room at the Unusual Propositions show in New York.  In walks his makeup artist and Cheryl made me realize that just "saying" he was flamboyant might not be enough.  When you picture someone "flamboyant," you automatically picture this gay dude with loads of makeup and hands flying as he is talking, right?  So now I've got to go in and add a description and wouldn't it have been helpful if I already knew what he looked like?  Holy Mary of Jesus, that's a big no no not to know your characters - all of them even the minor ones.

So...I thought I'd do a search in Google to see if an image would pop up that would give me an idea on how to put this.  Okay, here's a good one:

THAT'S IT!  Prince!!!  So he's a young black dude with loads of makeup and I Dream of Jeannie clothes, mainly purple. 

Okay back to the drawing board, or writing board, and create a description for Renaldo.

But you see how this could have saved time if you already knew what your characters looked like? 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Do we need an ISBN at Kindle Direct Publishing?

This self-publishing thing is getting a little too interesting.  I was in one of my favorite groups at LinkedIn - the one that talks about nothing but publishing ebooks, that sort of thing, when someone asked a question that I found right up my alley.  He wanted to know if he needed an ISBN using Kindle Direct Publishing.  I didn't think you needed one but I did have a question about imprints.  You know - when you don't want KDP to be in the publisher's slot and you want to come up with your own publisher's name? 

So, I asked and here were two responses which really helped:

Update on Book Cover from Hell

So he finally gets in touch with me.  He said he had computer problems. Okay, I understand that; we all have been there at some point or another.  Here's the new cover:

Let's see if you can guess what's wrong?

Jiminy crickets.  He is such a talent but I think life is throwing him curve balls.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Introducing Henri de Montmorency, the Ghostest with the Mostest


I am Henri de Montmorency, originally Grand Marshal of France and Governor of Languedoc, but now...I am...a ghost.

I was beheaded on the day before All Hallow's Eve in 1632 by the order of Richelieu, a man who I didn't quite see eye to eye with concerning my religious beliefs.

However, that's in the past. I do not regret standing up for my own beliefs and have accepted my untimely death, but truth be known, the afterlife is as they say in my native land of Paris, France, plus d'amusement.

If you have never been a ghost, I must tell you that we have certain charismatic qualities about us.

Before I was beheaded, I wasn't what you'd call easy to look at. For, you see, I was also a hump back. However, in the afterlife, I have become what I always knew was inside of me all along - verile, handsome and quite the lady's man, much to my surprise and delight.

I have roamed the earth for many centuries, but there was one home I finally attached myself to and it wasn't because I was ready to settle down because now that I was free of the torment of my disgusted appearance, I felt like a free bird ready to take flight at a moment's notice, but this one home was the home of Ezra Anne Thornberry.

And it wasn't because of anything romantic-related; it was because of a beverage she kept stocked in her ice box by the wonderful name of Coors Light.

I'd always loved fine wine in the past, but in a pinch, a case of Coors Light took the edge off mighty fine. Oooh la la! A ghost can't be too picky living in the 21st century, you know.

So, it was, I was kicking back, tossing back a can or two or six of this delightful beverage, when Ezra Anne finds out about a man looking for ghosts and, of course, my ears perked up.

It seems the man's name was Rodger Hawthorne III and he lived in a mansion in the mountains of North Carolina.

Rodger was on a ghost hunt for a woman with whom he was married and who also died an untimely death. Sarah was her name and by what we gathered at the time, her spirit was hard to reach. I could have told them she was there all along, but they had to go and find out for themselves.

Plus, if they did, they would each share the bounty of $1,000,000. Not chicken feed even in these times. Back in my time, it would have bought a whole continent.

Never one to turn down finding one of my own kind, I jumped at the chance to tag along. I couldn't remember a Sarah Hawthorne in the realm I had been in, but as the realms are all so divided and segregated according to what you were up there for, it would have been easy to miss her. But, still, the name rang a bell.

So, this is my story of how six women and one ghost go on a search to find a million dollar ghost.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're getting closer....

A gall bladder operation put me behind a little but before I went in, I sent in the info over to our wonderful book cover guy.  I'm waiting until that's finalized, then I'll get my book trailer guy to make a trailer for it, but I am so excited.

I've been published before but this go around it's a collaborative effort between two online friends and myself.  There's a big ol' story on what happened once we found a publisher for it but  I'll save that post for another day (believe me it's not perty).

So this go around we are self-publishing it.  I've gone through 8 chapters so far, looking for things the publisher missed (and it was plenty).  Right now, Heide and Pam are re-editing a chapter they wrote and while they're doing that, I'm going through more chapters.  I wrote the prologue, first three chapters I believe, I'll have to check, and there were a few things I needed to change which I did but now I'm going through these subsequent chapters so I can get Heide and Pam started.

We've made this book even better than before.  How often does one get to rewrite a book?  When you self-publish, you can do anything you want.  In fact, you can put the book up on Amazon, then if you decide to change something, take it down, fix it and put it back up.  This comes in handy for when you want to add reviews later.  I absolutely can't wait until this is done and we've started our tour.

It's only in the planning stage but I plan to put the book on a cover reveal tour in August, then follow up with a 3 or 4 month book tour and I'm aiming for 100 blog stops.  Can I do it?  Yes I can.  The trick is to start very very early.  At this point, the girls and I are still going through it before I hand it over to a lovely gal I commissioned to edit this for us.  While she's doing her thing, I wait for the book cover (should be any day now) and once I have that, I can go on and start setting the cover reveal  and the book tour up.

I am so excited. ;o)

Friday, March 1, 2013

We have a title!

Oh glory Jesus, we have a title. 


Kinda catchy, n'est pas?

Now gotta get the full synopsis over to our book cover guy and we're almost there!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

In search of that perfect title

So much goes into the writing of a book but do you realize how much thought goes into the title alone?  We are on a title hunt.  Much like the girls in the book who are looking for that certain ghost, we are on a hunt to find that certain ghostie book title.  I want original.  I want unique.  And I want to keep "The Million $$$ Ghost" in the title.  Can you help?

I have been to Google.  I have been to Goodreads.  I have been to Amazon. Hoping that something will spark a little creativity but nothing is sounding right.

I want the title to read "The XXX for/of The Million Dollar Ghost."

I will pay anyone $100 to bring that perfect title to us.  So far, here are the suggestions that have come in:

Million $$$ Ghost Hunt
Spirits, Haunts and The Million $$$ Ghost
Much Ado About a Million $$$ Ghost
The Essence of The Million $$$ Ghost
Obsessed by The Million $$$ Ghost
The Obsession of The Million $$$ Ghost
The Quest for The Million $$$ Ghost
The Race for The Million $$$ Ghost
Finding a Million $$$ Ghost
The Pursuit of The Million $$$ Ghost
The Un-Ghostly Pursuit of The Million $$$ Ghost
A Ghost of a Chance
A Million $$$ Chance
Redemption of The Million $$$ Ghost
The Haunting of The Million $$$ Ghost
Haunted by The Million $$$ Ghost

So as you can see, they're coming in but still not quite sure.  If you have an idea, leave the name in the comment below and some way of having me contact you if we should decide to go with your title.  Or, you can email Dorothy at thewriterslife (at)

Good news....we have someone really really good who is going to make a professional cover for us, BUT we need a title.  So that's what the urgency is for.

Can you help?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fiction/Ghost or Fiction/Romance/Paranormal?

And you thought writing was tough?  So I'm thinking about our ghostie book and what genre we should list it when we're finished with it.  We want to choose a genre that matches the book, no doubt, so we narrowed it down to two genres - paranormal mystery and paranormal romance.  I was thinking though (the book marketer coming out), which of the two genres is the most popular?  I mean, the book could fit into either genre, why not choose a genre that would appeal to most people (thus more sales)?

So I posed the questions on Facebook and I got some pretty good replies.  All I asked was which of the two genres do you like to read and by doing this I could get a guessestimate of how many liked one genre over the other.

One of our past clients and dear dear friend, Steve DeWinter, pointed out that according to the BISAC, there isn't even such a thing as a paranormal mystery.  Ugh.  Looking through the genres they have listed, it would only fit under either Fiction/Ghost and Fiction/Romance/Paranormal.  I'm okay with the first but the second looks more like it but I really didn't like romance being the forerunner since this book isn't a romance novel per se.  God this stuff is confusing.

So I wanted a few ideas on what exactly was a Fiction/Ghost and found this page at Goodreads.  Yeah that looks about right.  So I decided to do the same thing with Fiction/Romance/Paranormal and I found this interesting article on what is paranormal romance.  Okay I'm getting it but still not 100% sure.

The book is a mystery.  It has ghosts and it's built around a love story between a mortal man who wants to contact his dead wife.  There are lots of ghostie things going on, it's one big mystery after another but the romance just isn't there except for the romance between the mortal and the dead wife.

And of course there's Henri the ghostest with the mostest having an affair with one of the mortal women, so there's two instances of romance going on but it's fleeting and not a big part of the whole scheme of things. 


This writing stuff is harder than it looks.

So I found a list of book titles listed under paranormal romance at Goodreads  I personally like humorous paranormal books.  It would definitely fall in that category especially with the fun cover we're going to give it. 

So this is why I'll get an author who says "My book is a fiction/paranormal/juvenile/crime/mystery/blahblahblah.  God I hate it when they do that.  You have to narrow it down to one, I want to scream.  But they probably had a time with it just like I'm doing now.

Blah.  I think I'll go get some work done to take my mind off this or I'm going to go crazy.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bringing a book back to life

Yo, yo, we are back!  And it feels so great!  I guess I need to introduce myself and tell you just who "we" is, right?  I'm Dorothy Thompson.  Most people know me from Pump Up Your Book but what they don't know is that I've had a little secret I've been hiding all these years.  Actually the secret was buried, but now...we've brought it back to life.  We, as in Heide AW Kaiminski and Pamela Lawnizak, my co-authors of a book we wrote back in '06 called The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost.

So the story goes like this.  The book was published in 2006 by a new small press publisher who we thought we could trust.  As it turned out, they weren't to be trusted.  A few months after our book was published, they went bankrupt taking all the royalties with them.  We never saw a dime.  Upset is a huge understatement.

Years down the road, I asked a lawyer friend what she thought of the situation.  Do we have our rights back?  Can we bring this book back to life and not get in trouble?

She looked over the contract, assessed the situation and the answer made my day.  Yes, we have our rights back and we can bring the book back to life.

That was step one.  I also knew that the book was never edited.  I'm still catching typos in the one book I was able to get my hands on.  They even added typos that weren't there if that makes sense.  I know, I have the book and the manuscript and I don't know what they were thinking but it was a mess.  It's a wonder we even got pretty decent (actually terrific) reviews from this.

Step two is where we're at now.  Editing.  I'm also enlisting a friend who edits for a living to help me with this.  When you have three people writing the same book, there are bound to be inconsistencies so I want to make sure the book flows from one page to the other and you can't tell where one author stopped and the other started.

As I'm going through the book and working on it chapter by chapter, I am really impressed with this.  A lot I had forgotten about.  I couldn't even tell you all the names of the characters, it's been so long.

It's probably going to be re-released this summer.  And..we're going to self-publish it which I am so excited about.  So a lot will have to happen before you can read it but what I would like to do on this blog is take you along  for the ride.  Will you come along with us?