Thursday, February 28, 2013

In search of that perfect title

So much goes into the writing of a book but do you realize how much thought goes into the title alone?  We are on a title hunt.  Much like the girls in the book who are looking for that certain ghost, we are on a hunt to find that certain ghostie book title.  I want original.  I want unique.  And I want to keep "The Million $$$ Ghost" in the title.  Can you help?

I have been to Google.  I have been to Goodreads.  I have been to Amazon. Hoping that something will spark a little creativity but nothing is sounding right.

I want the title to read "The XXX for/of The Million Dollar Ghost."

I will pay anyone $100 to bring that perfect title to us.  So far, here are the suggestions that have come in:

Million $$$ Ghost Hunt
Spirits, Haunts and The Million $$$ Ghost
Much Ado About a Million $$$ Ghost
The Essence of The Million $$$ Ghost
Obsessed by The Million $$$ Ghost
The Obsession of The Million $$$ Ghost
The Quest for The Million $$$ Ghost
The Race for The Million $$$ Ghost
Finding a Million $$$ Ghost
The Pursuit of The Million $$$ Ghost
The Un-Ghostly Pursuit of The Million $$$ Ghost
A Ghost of a Chance
A Million $$$ Chance
Redemption of The Million $$$ Ghost
The Haunting of The Million $$$ Ghost
Haunted by The Million $$$ Ghost

So as you can see, they're coming in but still not quite sure.  If you have an idea, leave the name in the comment below and some way of having me contact you if we should decide to go with your title.  Or, you can email Dorothy at thewriterslife (at)

Good news....we have someone really really good who is going to make a professional cover for us, BUT we need a title.  So that's what the urgency is for.

Can you help?


  1. Cool, I'd love a chance to play along. But first, who exactly is the million dollar ghost? Is it one of the love objects, or part of the mystery or what?

  2. Good question, Alana! Without giving too much away of course, the million dollar ghost is the reason why the Spirit Seekers are at the mansion of tobacco tycoon, Rodger Hawthorne so the million dollar ghost is a very very important aspect of the whole book. ;o)