Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're getting closer....

A gall bladder operation put me behind a little but before I went in, I sent in the info over to our wonderful book cover guy.  I'm waiting until that's finalized, then I'll get my book trailer guy to make a trailer for it, but I am so excited.

I've been published before but this go around it's a collaborative effort between two online friends and myself.  There's a big ol' story on what happened once we found a publisher for it but  I'll save that post for another day (believe me it's not perty).

So this go around we are self-publishing it.  I've gone through 8 chapters so far, looking for things the publisher missed (and it was plenty).  Right now, Heide and Pam are re-editing a chapter they wrote and while they're doing that, I'm going through more chapters.  I wrote the prologue, first three chapters I believe, I'll have to check, and there were a few things I needed to change which I did but now I'm going through these subsequent chapters so I can get Heide and Pam started.

We've made this book even better than before.  How often does one get to rewrite a book?  When you self-publish, you can do anything you want.  In fact, you can put the book up on Amazon, then if you decide to change something, take it down, fix it and put it back up.  This comes in handy for when you want to add reviews later.  I absolutely can't wait until this is done and we've started our tour.

It's only in the planning stage but I plan to put the book on a cover reveal tour in August, then follow up with a 3 or 4 month book tour and I'm aiming for 100 blog stops.  Can I do it?  Yes I can.  The trick is to start very very early.  At this point, the girls and I are still going through it before I hand it over to a lovely gal I commissioned to edit this for us.  While she's doing her thing, I wait for the book cover (should be any day now) and once I have that, I can go on and start setting the cover reveal  and the book tour up.

I am so excited. ;o)

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