Friday, August 2, 2013

Putting the cart before the ghost...

I just had a silent chuckle (I wanted to laugh out loud but I'm too darn tired).  How many people start promoting a book like it's already published and the book is still in the editing stage?  I knew I was four nuggets short of a Happy Meal, but I'm racing around the clock trying to get this book ready for the cover reveal in September and the tour which starts the first week of October and I have faith everything will be ready to go when it's supposed to.  Call it positive thinking or definite signs I'm delusional just like I thought.

I wanted to post an update on where we are with this.  Everything is almost a go except the hardest part - editing and getting it up on Amazon.  I found a really neat website that puts up books for you on their website apparently free too - but I want to wait until you
can actually buy it.  And that's another thing.  The cover reveal might only have a link to this blog and not Amazon unless a miracle happens and the editing is finished in a couple of weeks and I can get it up at Amazon reeeeeeeeeeal quick.  I know someone who will format it for me and I'm thinking about doing just that because that's another headache I just don't want.  I will have to pay her but it's worth it.  I'll know more as I go along.  Between tours and working on this book, it's been crazy.  By 10 p.m. I'm a goner and here it is midnight now and I'm still at it so you can imagine what I look like right now - a zombie.

I'm just so excited about this.  As I'm going over edits, I'm reliving the book and omg I forgot how much fun that was to write.  I have more of a grasp of the characters this go around.  Where there were three of us writing this, some of the characters were taken over by the other two authors and I never really truly connected to them like I have done this go around.

There's Shiolah, of course.  This was the character I wrote.  Although I'm not really sure if she's my favorite character in the book (Henri wins hands down), I could really relate emotionally with her and I hope her part in the book is believable and likeable.  All of these women I'm about to mention including Shiolah are all spiritually challenged, right.  When Heide (one of the authors of the book) caught the words spiritually challenged, she wasn't all too sure she liked it because it sounded like they were misfits or something, but that's not how I interpret spiritually challenged. I see it like this.  The characters have these special abilities that are very spiritual but they just don't think they have the right stuff. And they figure this ghost hunt will put them on the map.  Shiolah knows she has talents but still doubts herself.

Then there's Ezra. I really like Ezra.  Heide wrote her character but Ezra is someone I'd want to hang out with.  And she has a resident ghost - Henri - who is a class act. He's lovable and quite a ladies man but he's fun and unpredictable. 

Ezra's friend, Brianna, who goes on this ghost hunt with them, doesn't believe in ghosts.  Gotta have a skeptic somewhere, right?  Brianna is full of herself - beautiful and she knows it - but her husband has died and she's searching for answers and takes them up on an offer to go ghost hunting just for something to do.

Then there's Brooke.  Heide wrote her character after the original author jumped ship on us and we had to rewrite her part and were very careful we didn't use any of this author's words so she didn't come back and sue us, lol.  Tricky.

Oh there's Peggy.  She's a Sunday School teacher and I believe Heide wrote her part, too.

Then there's Jerilynn, the grounded one and the one most psychic.  Pam wrote this character.

And Fenella makes the sixth woman to embark on this ghost hunt.  Fenella wasn't part of the original Spirit Seekers group.  She ended up catching a ride with them saying she had a golden ticket too.  But she is definitely a strange one.

Of course, there's Rodger Hawthorne III which is a looney tune because his wife died twenty years ago and he can't get over it.  Hence, the million dollar payoff will be coming from him if the girls succeed.  Once the girls arrive at the mansion, he's gone an awful lot which makes him very weird.

There's more but they're the main ones.  There's going to be sequels and the girls and I are tossing around ideas but nothing is sticking yet.  But I have  really fallen in love with these characters even though I'm a bit biased.  Especially Henri.  The ghostest with the mostest.  He's a mess.


  1. Well, we both better get our behinds in gear if we want this to happen on time.

  2. Co-author Heide here!
    i am excited!!!!!
    Great job on the website, Dorothy :-)