Back Story

The back story to Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost traces back to the year 2002 when a group of ghostie loving women started an online group to share their passion.  In a way it was therapy for all of us because in one way or another we wanted answers from the "other side" to help us with our personal issues.

During all this, I happened to find out about a real man offering to pay out a million dollars to anyone who could prove that ghosts existed.  The thing is - no one could do it to his satisfaction.  He even invited the psychic, Silvia Browne, to prove to him that ghosts exist but at the last minute she backed out.  I logged into my group and told them about my discovery and we all had a good laugh over it saying we could do it in a heartbeat because we used "natural" ways of finding ghosts and they didn't include the latest high tech thingamabob which really weren't all that accurate anyway.  Then I said, "Wouldn't it be fun to write a book about this and have us be a group of women who did find that proof?"

The girls loved the idea but not all of them were writers so one by one they dropped out of the project.  It was at this point when I set up another group for just the writers of this book and we started.  There was a lot of research that went into the writing of this book.  I contacted notable professionals in the field as well as the millionaire himself.  If you want to find out who he is, check back with us this Fall to find out when we go on tour and we'll be blogging about it as we go on this blog, too.  Be sure to sign up for the updates so you won't miss a thing.

After we had all our ducks in a row, we started writing and in a few months, we had our final version ready to go to a publisher.  I contacted so many agents and publishers for this, it would make your head swim.  Finally one of our co-authors found a publisher.  It was a small press publisher called Mardi Gras.  We were excited.  Finally all this work was going to pay off.

A couple of months down the road, we find out that Mardi Gras went bankrupt taking all the royalties with them.  We were never paid one cent.  We were broken hearted to say the least.

Months down the road, we wanted to see if we could find another publisher for this but we were concerned about rights.  Did we have our rights back?  I contacted a lawyer, let her look over the contract, told her our story and she said that yes we did have our rights back after all this time.

By that time, everyone got busy and we kind of lost hope for our little ghostie book until one of the co-authors emailed everyone and wanted to know if we'd be willing to let a company publish the book and it would  cost us $15 a month or something.  Details are sketchy but I couldn't believe anyone would offer such a thing.  I told her that we could publish the book ourselves and that's when we started going through all the chapters, finding a marvelous cover designer for our new version, hiring a professional editor and learning how to set the book up at KDP.

It's been quite a journey and still quite a journey ahead but this Fall, everyone will get to read our paranormal romance, Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost, and find out how a group of spiritually-challenged but highly gifted women find a million dollar ghost. 

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