Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost Quotes

Thank you for stopping by our ghostie quote of the day page!  Each day (or nearabout), until the book's release, we will be posting a new quote from our book, Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost!  Hey we have to do something to keep us from biting our nails so humor us or we'll get Henri after you!

“I think you’re about the only ghost I know who can’t tell time.  It’s the eighteenth century, my friend.”

-- Boo talking to Henri in dog house hiding from Boo's wife for drinking all night (PROLOGUE)


"Ezra might be your friend, but why do you feel you have to stick around at her house all the time?  Oh, I already know.  You and Ezra used to be 'more than friends' in another life.  Jesus, Henri.  All this past life mumbo jumbo is getting my ectoplasm boiling.  You've got to know where your priorities lie.  You can't keep Juicy hanging on like you do.  If you must go, how long will you be gone this time? Juicy isn't going to like this.  She's going to do something bad, Henri.  Are you listening to me?  Henri?  Henri?  Oh...Henri?"

-- Boo's response after Henri tells him he's about to go on another wild ghost chase (PROLOGUE)


"I'm Stephanie Brewer, Mike's assistant," she explained, shaking his hand.  "You must be the infamous Rodger Hawthorne."
"Ah, you know me then," he smiled.
"I know why you are here anyway," Stephanie said coyly.  "You're looking for a ghost?"
"I guess you could say that."
"I'm sure there must be plenty of ghosts hanging around," she laughed.
"Yes, there are, I'm sure.  But have any of them actually been proven to exist?"

-- Rodger  Hawthorne talking to Stephanie Brewer just before appearing on Unusual Propositions where he's about to tell the world about his million dollar offer to anyone who can prove ghosts exist (CHAPTER ONE)


"Hey guys," Shiolah typed, "I have got something to tell you that you will never believe."
Peggy was the first to log in.  "Hi Shiolah!  What's up?"
"I hope you're sitting down but I think we have a ghost hunt of the century in store for us.  How would you like to find a ghost and win a million dollars?"

-- Shiolah Swallotail's email to the Spirit Seekers when finding out about the million dollar giveaway (CHAPTER TWO)

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