The Book

Eccentric tobacco tycoon Rodger Hawthorne III can have anything his heart desires except his dead wife, Sarah.  Feeling responsible for the car crash that killed her twenty years earlier, he offers one million dollars to anyone who can find her spirit and bring it to him within one week or the money is forfeited.  Six spiritually-challenged—but highly intuitive—women find his ad over the Internet and accept his challenge only to embark on a journey they didn’t quite expect that covers astral traveling, past life regressions and spiritual encounters of the unworldly kind.  While this book is lightly based on a true story of a real man who is offering one million dollars to anyone who can prove that spirits exist, this story is purely fictional.  Or is it?

Release Date TBA


  1. do I believe in ghosts?
    not sure really

  2. where can one find Romancing teh Million $$$ Ghost to buy? I found a "Search for the $$$ Ghost" but that said it was published in 2006. B&N didn't return any search results. I couldn't find a listing on Goodreads either.

  3. Hi Maechs! It's going to be another couple of weeks but the goal is the last week of October. ;o)